The Boys are Back in Town!

Seventies folk boy-band The Somerville Gents are back in harness after a short rest of 30 years, and have developed a whole new repertoire of songs and tunes to delight their old fans and enthuse a whole new audience. Superb musicianship, great vocal harmonies and an eclectic mix of material are what made them so popular, and Jem, Ted and Phil are back doing with a vengeance.

Silver Apples of the Moon is a poem by W.B.Yates, the Irish poet. The poem is called The Song of Wandering Aengus and is based in Irish folklore. The tune is widely attributed to Judy Collins.

Crassanova is our very own composition, and is a comment on the dangers of freedom of movement inside the EU. The tune is a traditional Italian melody.

Branle du Rat is one of a pair of traditional French tunes which we learned on a holiday in Brittany some 30 years ago.

Billy the Kid is listed as traditional American, and our arrangement owes much to Ry Cooder's version which he recorded on his LP “Into the Purple Valley”.

Bells of Rhymney is a poem by Welsh bard Idris Davies about the effects of the Great Depression on the Welsh valleys during the 1930s. Set to music by Pete Seeger, it was recorded by Bob Dylan and The Byrds among others.